Teacher talking about the pythagorean theorem to a class of students

Become a High School Math Teacher

SRU's Minor in Secondary School Mathematics helps you reach your goals

Minor in Secondary School Mathematics

Offered by: Department of Mathematics and Statistics

If your goal is to become a high school mathematics teacher, SRU's minor in Secondary School Mathematics, combined with our major in Mathematics, will provide an excellent basis for your future profession. Through this program, you'll develop a deep mastery of mathematics that forms the basis of the high school math curriculum as well as complete specialized coursework for future educators. Most secondary school mathematics minors go on to complete a Master’s of Education (M. Ed.) to acquire their permanent teacher certification which allows them to start their career as high school teachers commanding a higher salary and without the need for continuing education credits.  The Secondary School Mathematics minor provides an excellent dual foundation of mathematical understanding and teacher preparedness.    

Students who major in mathematics with a minor in Secondary School Mathematics can get a head-start on the M. Ed. at undergraduate tuition rates, and then fully complete the Master’s in just 7 months after earning their bachelor's degree.  Graduate assistantships are sometimes available to help defray costs.  

Why Choose Minor in Secondary School Mathematics

The need for high school mathematics teachers in Pennsylvania and across the entire country is exceptionally high and SRU graduates have a 100% pass rate on national teacher exams (first attempt) and are highly sought after with a 100% placement rate.  At SRU, we also provide numerous hands-on opportunities for students to practice the art of teaching by working as classroom assistants during college classes, by providing individualized instruction sessions for other students on campus and by working with local school districts to host math outreach events. We pride ourselves on the teaching preparation our students acquire prior to ever stepping foot in their first classroom. 

What Will You Learn?

The minor in Secondary School Mathematics will help you learn how to communicate complex mathematical topics to a wide range of grade levels and help students explore the deep connections between mathematics, the sciences, and the world around us. Completing a minor in secondary school mathematics will grant you the ability to teach courses ranging from basic algebra to AP Calculus and Statistics as well as learn how to answer questions such as, “Why does this work?” and “When will I ever use this?”  Examples of the courses you will take include: 

  • Discrete Mathematics 
  • Elementary Statistics 
  • Calculus 
  • Linear Algebra 
  • Differential Equations 
  • Analysis 
  • Abstract Algebra 
  • Geometric Structures 
  • Number Theory 

Careers In Secondary School Mathematics

Most students completing the secondary school mathematics minor go on to get their permanent teaching certification and work as high school math teachers. Additionally, some students choose to work at STEM outreach positions working with math tutoring centers, math summer camps, accelerated math programs, or science museums.   Students who go on to complete the M. Ed. are also qualified to teach at community colleges.   

Clubs & Organizations

  • Dead Poets Society 
  • Mathematics Club 
  • Pre-service Teachers of Mathematics Club 
  • Statistics Club