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Customize Your Theatre Education

This program provides students with foundational education to compliment other areas of study

Theatre BA: Theatre Studies

Offered by: Theatre

The Theatre Studies major allows students with another primary major/minor or career path to complement those studies with a breadth of study in Theatre. Rather than focusing on one specific area of theatre training or on a career in theatre, this program is designed primarily for students who have career aspirations in other fields such as primary/secondary education, communications, psychology/drama therapy, art, English, dance, history, etc. and who see theatre training as complementary to their primary studies. It is also designed for students who wish to pursue theatrical studies recreationally or as an avocation. 

This program allows students to gain a breadth of training in a complement of areas (acting, directing, design & technology, and management) rather than in just one focused area.

SRU's Theatre program are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST).

Why Choose Theatre Studies?

  • Do you have a love of Theatre and want to continue that in college?  
  • Do you have a unique vision for how studying theatre can complement your primary major?  
  • Do you have ideas about how to combine theatre with a minor in another area to create a unique education or career preparation?  

If so, this may be the major for you!

Theatre Studies is the perfect choice for a student who has a passion for theatre and who can envision ways in which those studies will enrich their lives, their college experience, and possibly, their future careers. Students often have very specific goals in mind when choosing to combine theatre with other programs. For instance, pairing an Education degree and Theatre Studies can prepare a student who wants to teach K-12 but also wants to be the school Drama Director. Pairing a degree in Psychology with Theatre Studies can prepare a student for advanced studies in Drama Therapy and Psychology. Theatre and Communication studies can lead to many different career paths in film, television and related fields. Theatre and Dance prepare students for lives as entertainers. English, History, and Art are also commonly paired majors.

What Will You Learn?

Students complete the same core curriculum as all BA Theatre majors. This core gives a foundational education in three areas - acting, technology, and theatre history.

Students will continue their breadth of training in the Theatre Studies Core with Drawing/Drafting/CAD to learn the basic skills to communicate their ideas on paper and via digital media. Students then choose another area to gain beginning level training in (Playwriting, Theatre Arts Management, Costume Technology) or can choose to pursue Intermediate training in Acting (Acting II). Beginning Management training will be gained through 2 electives in the Theatre Studies - Management coursework and Intermediate Design training will be gained through 3 electives in Theatre Studies - Design coursework.

Students will synthesize this beginning/intermediate training in upper division courses such as Directing, and a choice of 3 electives from the Theatre Studies - Advanced coursework block. Finally, students will be required to complete Professional Theatre Practice which will introduce them to theatre portfolios, resumes and professional websites and will educate them about theatre opportunities beyond their college experience.

Careers In Theatre

Rather than prepare students for a specific career path, Theatre Studies is designed to enhance the career preparation students receive through their other studies.
Some examples include:

Art, Music, and Dance: Theatre Studies enhances and compliments the study of any of the three other Arts programs on campus, Music, Dance, and Art.

Pairing of a degree in Theatre with Communication is excellent preparation for those who want to work in film, television, and technology related arts.

Secondary Education: English/Language Arts: Theatre is a natural partner program for those who wish to be teachers of theatre, or who wish to use dramatics as a tool in the classroom.

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