Withdrawal Refund, Policies and Procedures

Withdrawal Refund Information

If students withdrawal before the start of classes, they may obtain a full refund if the registration is officially cancelled on or before the first day of class.

If students withdrawal after the first day of class, refunds will be processed according to the schedule listed below only if the student is withdrawing from the entire session:

Summer 2020

Presession Full Summer Session 1 Session 2 Summer Term
Date Refund Date Refund Date Refund Date Refund Date Refund
05/13- 05/14 100%


100% 06/01-06/02 100% 06/29-06/30 100% 06/01-06/04 100%
05/15 60%


80% 06/03 80% 07/01 80% 06/05-06/07 80%
05/16 50% 05/23-05/26 60% 06/04-06/05 60% 07/02-07/03 60% 06/08-06/11 60%
05/17 40% 05/27
50% 06/06 50% 07/04-07/05 50% 06/12-06/15 50%
40% 06/07-06/08 40% 07/06-07/07 40% 06/16-06/19 40%

No refund after
May 17

No refund after
June 6
No refund after
June 8
No refund after
July 7
No refund after
June 19

Internship refunds will be calculated on an individual basis. The internship start date, scheduled length of the internship, and the date of withdrawal from the internship will determine the refund percentage.

After the above cut-offs, no basic tuition and fees will be refunded. Refund of Residence Hall rent, and Meal Plan fee will be based on the dates and percentages listed above. The student Community Building fee is not refundable after first day of class.

For a student to be considered officially withdrawn, he/she must process the appropriate forms within the Office of Academic Records and Registration.

This entire refund policy is subject to change without notice.

Maximum of Credit Limits by Session

  • Undergraduate Credit:  Numbered 100-499:  Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureate Students
  • Undergraduate or Graduate Credit:  Numbered 500-799:  Junior and Seniors with 2.5 CPGA and their Dean's permission and all Post-Baccalaureate and Graduate Students
  • Graduate Credit:  Numbered 600+:  Seniors with 2.75 CGPA and their Dean's permission and Graduate Students

Return of Title IV Funds (Federal Aid)

The federal government requires SRU to return Financial Aid (Title IV) money to the Title IV programs for any student withdrawing through 60% of the session.  Students withdrawing Title IV aid may owe the university a balance once the aid is returned.  Title IV aid must be returned to the Title IV program before any refund can be returned to a student.