First of all, thank you.  Thank you for your support and commitment to your child's higher education goals and Slippery Rock University's academic programs.  In the Career Education & Development office, we do not take lightly the financial commitment and or emotional stress that parents and families may experience as their child makes the transition to college life.  We want to ensure that your son or daughter gets the most out of their classes, campus involvement, community service, research projects, and internships so they are better prepared for professional employment or graduate school. That's why we want to work with students early on in their freshmen year and continue that working relationship through to their senior year and beyond if needed.

We also want to find great ways to partner with you.  We know that as parents you are still an integral part of your son or daughter's time at SRU, even if it doesn't always seem like it to you, so some of the information below is to help you be better prepared to chat with your child about career-oriented topics.