Faculty Opportunities

Why Integrate Service-Learning into Your Courses?

Service-Learning is a key implementation strategy for the achievement of numerous SRU institutional goals.  However, it is most explicit in SRU strategic goal 9 which states: “engage communities in collaborative and mutually-beneficial partnerships to advance the quality of life in the community and enhance learning, research, and civic engagement.” (SRU Strategic Goals, 2020)

Service-Learning is an effective way to enhance the traditional classroom experience and immerse students in the local and regional community. Service-learning plays a central role at Slippery Rock University and is integrated into courses across disciplines. Faculty have established and nurtured long-standing partnerships and opportunities for engaged learning with a multitude of community-based organizations. 

Additionally, service-learning provides students with a community context to their education, allowing them to connect their academic coursework to their roles as civic-minded professionals and citizens in a democracy.