Planning, Resource Management, and Assessment

About the Office

Slippery Rock University relies on data, information, and analytics to inform decisions that improve student success and the effective operation of the University. A culture of continuous improvement is integral to the mission of every department and office on campus, and a commitment to transparency and access to information enables us to achieve those missions.

The Office of Planning, Resource Management, and Assessment (PRMA) assists faculty and staff in their evaluation, assessment, and decision-making processes. We also provide prospective and current students, researchers, and other stakeholders information about the University. We invite you to explore the data available and contact our office if you have any questions.

2017-18 SRU by the Numbers can be found here.

Performance Indicators

The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, since 2000, has relied on ten (10) performance indicators (PIs) to assess each university. Five of the PIs are mandatory and five are chosen that reflect the individual mission and vision of a particular university. As part of a multifaceted approach to institutional effectiveness, Slippery Rock University regularly monitors our PIs and takes appropriate action where needed.

The current performance indicators can be found here.


View University and State System terminology and definitions, both business (functional) definitions as well as technical definitions.

The data cookbook can be found here. You will need to use your SRU log on credentials to access the link. 

Survey Requests

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