Planning, Resource Management, and Assessment

Note: Through all of the changes happening at the University right now, the Office of Planning, Resource Management, and Assessment remains engaged as your partner. We are working remotely and can still help you access the data you need. During this time, please use the following guidelines when reaching out to us.

  • To fix a Cognos report that is not working: email or
  • For help with SAP logon information, email
  • For data or report requests, email or with the following information:
    • Data requests
      • Urgency
      • Purpose of the data request (if for research, please include IRB approval) and required data fields
      • Timeframe covered by the data
      • Which records should we include/exclude?
      • Format of the data
    • Report requests
      • Urgency
      • Purpose
      • Is this a one-time need or will you need this report in the future?
      • Report details (data to include, layout, sorting, etc)

Please use this dashboard (provided by PRMA) to visualize and explore Slippery Rock University’s enrollment data. The charts and table interact with each other, giving you the power to ask specific enrollment questions and discover insightful patterns. All data reflect official, 15th day numbers. (Built with Microsoft Power BI.)