Nine Required Elements for Your Social Media Account

Handle or URL

Do not create a duplicate listing. Search the platform in which you are interested and evaluate those results. This should help guide you to choose an appropriate naming convention. The name should be clearly linked to your particular department or unit rather than to the institution as a whole.


Choose higher education, college/university or institution, based on those offered by the respective platform.


Feel free to post on the wall or in this space. Note: The views and opinions posted by visitors to this website do not reflect the view or opinions of Slippery Rock University. Comments posted to social media accounts may be monitored and we reserve the right to remove comments that are deemed to be profane or spam. Trolling or threats toward others may result in being removed or blocked from participating in this social media space.


Adhere to Slippery Rock University's "Graphic Identity Standards." The profile image should be clearly linked to your particular department rather than the institution as a whole. Consider use of an image used in your marketing materials.

Biographical or extended information

Make it clear in the appropriate location, based on the platform, that the respective social media account is the "official [your department]" social media account. In addition to information about your department, include a link to the institutional website and the social media directory. Text could read: For more information about Slippery Rock University, visit; for a full listing of SRU social media accounts, visit the SRU Social Media Directory.

Identify administrators

Include at least two employees within your department.

Develop content plan

Include frequency of posts. Outline type of content to be posted.

Determine key performance indicators

Consider whether to monitor followers, fans, visits to your social media space, response of and interactivity among members of your community.

Contact University Communication and Public Affairs to:

Add your account to the SRU Social Media Directory or to update your social media administrator contact information.