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Learn About Diversity & Inclusion

SRU's certificate in diversity and inclusion provides the historical, political, sociological and legal contexts and how they impact issues of diversity

Diversity and Inclusion Certificate

Offered by: Interdisciplinary Programs

The Diversity and Inclusion certificate is an interdisciplinary certificate. The world that we live in is increasingly characterized by diversity. This certificate is designed to foster an understanding of the historical, political, sociological and legal contexts within the United States and how these contexts impact issues of diversity.

Why Choose a Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion?

Though there are many types of diversity, the diversity and inclusion certificate will focus on the following domains of diversity: Social class, Race/ethnicity, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Disability, Religious, and Global. In this certificate each of these domains of diversity, and the intersections between them, will be interrogated and deconstructed for their individual effects and examine interrelatedness. This understanding of diversity will foster communication of complex ideas related to equity, teach strategies to negotiate issues of power, and position oneself to embrace inclusion and act as an ally/advocate for people in systematically marginalized groups.

This certificate aligns with the Universities vision to increase and enhance curriculum focused on diversity and inclusion. Student will benefit from the achievement of this certificate as they enter the workforce that values diversity and inclusion. This focus on diversity embedded in the curriculum promotes the kinds of outcomes for all students that employers, and broader society need, like complex and critical thinking skills, the ability to work across difference, empathy, increased civic participation, and decreased prejudice.

What Will You Learn?

Students who complete this certificate of academic achievement will:

  • Develop cultural awareness and respect of all diverse people
  • Develop strategies of inclusion and incorporation of justice values and ethics for living and working in a diverse society
  • Develop an awareness of the effects of social injustice, have an appreciation of diversity and inclusion.
  • Engage in critical thinking as they investigate current social dilemmas through integrated, innovative, solution-driven responses that reflect critical inquiry, analytical thinking, and an understanding of root causes, social context and personal consequences

Careers In Diversity and Inclusion

This certificate will add value to the student experience and serve as a significant credential as they enter the workforce where they will be able to bring the knowledge and skills developed as part of this certificate into practice.