Pre-Engineering Programs

Students in the Pre-Engineering program can pursue a career in Engineering while experiencing a broader scope of study at Slippery Rock University. These cooperative programs lead to two baccalaureate degrees, one in physics awarded by SRU, and one in an area of engineering from one of the three participating engineering schools.

How the Dual Degree Works

A student in our Pre-Engineering program will be enrolled in the physics program at SRU and will take the necessary math, science and pre-engineering electives that will be count towards a dual degree in Physics and Engineering. At the beginning of his/her fourth year, the student will transfer to the College of Engineering at one of our three participating schools:

  • University of Pittsburgh

  • West Virginia University

  • Youngstown State University

After completion of the first year in the College of Engineering, the student will receive a bachelor's degree in Physics from Slippery Rock University. After the successful completion of the second year in the College of Engineering, the student will receive a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering.

Why Choose SRU for Pre-Engineering?

When it comes down to making the decision on where to enroll for your higher education, there are a lot of factors that must be considered. Students often ask us, "Why would I choose SRU over another school's engineering or pre-engineering program?" We advise students to maximize the value they get out of their college education, and in that area, Slippery Rock University excels. Our students can graduate with two bachelor's degrees in as little as five years. This is a tremendous value, particularly in today's economic environment, where the affordability of a public university education complements the incredible quality of academic studies here at SRU.

Additionally, SRU pre-engineering students routinely find themselves better prepared and with a more solid theoretical foundation than those students who start at our partner universities in their first year. This reflects the high quality education in physics that our pre-engineering students receive during their time here. This is no surprise to us! Our faculty are recognized for "innovative pedagogies derived from physics education research." Here, educating and mentoring our students is our primary focus. That means that a graduate student or an upperclassman will never teach a class at SRU. We invite you to reach out to us if you have any questions about physics or pre-engineering.

These programs meet Pennsylvania requirements.  Professional licensure and certification regulations vary by state and you are urged to check with your state licensing board.