College of Engineering and Science

Welcome to the College of Engineering and Science, where we prepare you for some of the most exciting and fastest growing careers!

Vision Statement

To be the first choice for students seeking a high-quality, integrative, and personalized education and to advance understanding through research.

Mission Statement

Expanding knowledge through integrated programs and research.


In the College of Engineering and Science, we will:

  1. Offer a high-quality, personalized education
    1. Provide breadth and depth of knowledge and skills through integrated programs
    2. Model and teach scientific and quantitative reasoning for the entire campus
    3. Provide resources and infrastructure to support innovative pedagogical practices
    4. Develop new programs to meet emerging workforce needs and opportunities
    5. Provide excellent professional mentoring and academic advising

  2. Promote research and scholarship
    1. Integrate teaching, research, and scholarship
    2. Provide resources and infrastructure to support scholarship
  3. Build a strong academic community
    1. Provide flexible and dynamic curricular and co-curricular programs
    2. Recruit diverse faculty with potential to advance the College mission
    3. Develop and retain faculty through continued professional support
    4. Use faculty expertise to provide outreach and service to the surrounding community