Student Success and Organizations

Nicholas Botzer - Student Success

Mr. Botzer has been working on the graph gravity project for around two years. As a co-author of paper "Rapid prototyping of web site generation", he presented his team's work in Graphic Web 2014 Conference at Winchester, England on August 27, 2014. During the project, he has shown leadership, initiative, a strong work ethic and the ability to plunge deeply into new problems in areas of discrete mathematics, algorithms, web design and interactive web applications. One of the project co-advisors, Dr. Dailey, also commented that he is fun to work with.

Mr. Botzer was among three members of Rock Mobile App team to participate in the First FuturePos Scholastic Challenge Programming Contest starting from November 2013 (FuturePos is a local software company on POS systems used in restaurants around the world). His team developed Labyrinthian program that is a single-player dungeon crawler role-playing game. During the judge session on March 1, 2014, his team won the first-place honor and $3,000 prize.

Mr. Botzer has been President of Computer Technology Club since Fall 2013.


The Department of Computer Science takes great pride in student driven organizations and encourages students to participate in them to build self-motivation, interpersonal skills, and leadership. They also provide excellent opportunities for them to expend computing knowledge and educational prowess in their fields. Feel free to explore their Websites to learn more about how you can become a member.