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World Languages Competition

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World Languages Competition

The 2023 World Languages Competition found the Languages, Literatures, Cultures, and Writing department hosting over 380 students and 49 teachers/chaperones. Students had the option of competing in Spanish, Japanese or French testing or attending an English Workshop. SRU professors offered "Zombie Writing" and "Folding@Home" workshops for the students as well as an English and a Foreign Language Pedagogy for the teachers to attend. The Admissions office took some students on a tour of campus, while other students wandered the halls of Spotts to complete a Discovery Quest and win a prize. Our 2023 event was the first World Language Competition hosted at SRU since the Covid-19 shutdown. We are looking forward to next year! 

The World Languages Competition is an annual competitions and workshops event for high school students. Students can compete in Spanish, French, Japanese or participate in workshops led by an SRU English Professor. 

The competition is a half day event held each October during SRU's fall break. Students are given the opportunity to learn about various cultures, participate in a test/workshop, eat in our university dining hall and attend the award and closing ceremony. Language tests are divided into three levels, students may compete in only one language/level. English workshops vary each year, typically we offer two workshops for students.

Don't miss out on the multicultural scavenger hunt. Students have a chance to learn about various cultures.

World Languages Competition

Teacher Information

Teachers, we have activities for you as well. We know teachers enjoy learning as much as teaching and workshops are offered for teacher attendance.

Additional Information

For more information regarding the World Languages Competition, contact languagecompetetition@sru.edu.

World Languages CompetitionWorld Languages Competition