Middle Eastern Studies at Slippery Rock University (MESRU)

The Middle Eastern Studies Center at SRU (MESRU) was created in 2011 to promote understanding and friendship between the people of the United States and the Middle East. It is an interdisciplinary coalition that seeks to educate the students, faculty, staff, and community on the diverse histories, cultures, arts, and languages of the countries of the Middle East and North Africa. MESRU’s mission is linked to SRU’s important mission of fostering global learning and embracing diversity in all aspects of the human experience.  

Through the Middle Eastern Studies Certificate, the Arabic Minor and individualized courses, SRU promotes global learning and diversity in all aspects. Students have the opportunity to broaden their political, historical and cultural knowledge, that can have valuable applications to their Major and career.

To complement these offerings, the MESRU Center also organizes regular creative programming and activities featuring international speakers, film screenings, performances, and cultural events throughout the academic year.

Degree Programs

The Middle Eastern Studies Certificate is a 15-credit program designed to enhance knowledge of the languages and cultures of the Middle East through a multidisciplinary perspective. You will develop cultural competence as you learn about the diversity of the cultures of the Middle East.

The Minor in Professional Arabic is a 15-credit program consisting of 6 courses. A minimum grade C is required to advance to the next course. Students who satisfy the requirements of the minor in Arabic can expect to be able to read, write, communicate orally, interact with native speakers, and perform effectively in a daily environment where Arabic is the main language. They will be able to perform tasks expected from an Intermediate Level learner.