Learn By Doing

Do you learn better by "doing something" rather than by reading it in a book?

In the Exercise Science program you will continually develop skills under the careful guidance of your qualified and caring faculty. We strongly believe that learning something is only the halfway point, being able to apply knowledge completes the education.

The Exercise Science program offers many opportunities to develop professional skills that you will use regardless of your career path. You will start by practicing on your classmates but by the time you finish you will be using your skills with people in the community.

woman getting blood pressure taken

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"It was rewarding to see just how much I was capable of doing. Taking knowledge and skills that I learned throughout our courses and implementing them without the guidance of professors. I did not know how much I actually knew until I was given the opportunity to show and implement my skills. It was also rewarding to hear that we did such a great job from the professors." - Ciara Brown

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"The hands on projects and experiences I had really helped me apply what I've been learning in class to real life situations. Some of our classes involved educating the students and community members on healthy lifestyles, and it was pleasing to use what I was learning in class to educate community members. Also, the Exercise Science professors were always so willing to help me in and out of class, which was beneficial to my learning experience." - Melissa Mouser

In the Senior Synthesis course, you will be matched with a client from the community for a semester-long experience in developing and implementing an individualized exercise program, while receiving guidance from the faculty.

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The culminating experience in the program is a faculty-supervised 12 credit internship. The internship site is selected through careful advisement to provide you with the best possible experience that aligns with your career goals. There are currently over 100 sites all over the United States. There is a growing nationwide network of graduates from the SRU Exercise Science Program leading the way in a vast array of exercise, health care, and research settings.