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Health Care Administration and Management

Health Care Administration and Management

Healthcare Administration is an exciting and high growth industry with countless career paths.  Indeed, healthcare is the largest industry in the United States! A Health Care Administration and Management degree can start you on the path to a successful career. With an HCAM degree, you can become a leader in the healthcare industry and help others.

Choose from two paths with the ability to specialize:

  • Choose the non-clinical administrative and management path to become an industry leader and help make the healthcare industry more effective and efficient. This path allows you to choose one of eight specialization areas.
    • If you are a professional with an associate’s degree and wish to complete your HCAM degree online, ask about our unique degree completion program.
  • Choose an accelerated or tradition pre-professional HCAM program to prepare for continued education in Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy, or Occupational Therapy programs while earning your undergraduate HCAM degree. Differentiate yourself as someone who not only completes the necessary pre-professional program requirements, but understands the healthcare industry and how it works.

Why Health Care Administration and Management?

Multiple Health Care Administration and Management program options offer incredible flexibility with career paths in allied health, business, and pre-professional disciplines. 

Most think of doctors, nurses, and hospitals when they think about careers in healthcare, but healthcare is the nation's largest industry, and similar to all organizations, those in healthcare require leadership by highly qualified administrators and managers. The healthcare industry includes much more than just hospitals. There are hospitals, clinics, long-term care and skilled nursing facilities, personal care homes, medical practices, therapy practices, insurers, managed care organizations, third party administrators, provider networks, cost containment companies, healthcare technology firms, CMS, medical device sales, DME organizations, and so many more. The complexity and endless change associated with the healthcare environment means that there is a high demand for future leaders. The United States spends more than four TRILLION dollars each year on healthcare. Someone must manage this enormous segment of our economy. You can become a transformational leader in the healthcare industry!

The healthcare industry needs administrators and mangers at all levels, including both clinical and non-clinical leaders who understand and possess knowledge in:

  • The Healthcare Environment
  • Law & Ethics
  • Business Intelligence, Measurement, and Analysis
  • Financial, Accounting, and Applied Economic Proficiency
  • Communication, Professionalism, and Relationship Management
  • Organization Dynamics and Leadership

SRU can prepare you to choose how you can best serve others and your career in healthcare with an HCAM degree.