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Harness the Power of Animals to Promote Health and Well-Being

The Animal-Assisted Interventions is a complimentary minor for health-related, human service, or education majors

Minor in Animal-Assisted Interventions

Offered by: Recreational Therapy

Animals play an important role in promoting human health and well-being. The human-animal bond (HAB) is known to promote a variety of physiological, emotional and social benefits. In addition, intervention utilizing animals have produced recognized benefits for individuals with a variety of disabling conditions. The minor in Animal-Assisted Interventions uses an interdisciplinary approach for students to develop the competencies for using Animal-Assisted Interventions in their professional practice. This minor would be especially appropriate for students enrolled in a health-related, human service, or educational major.

Why Choose Animal-Assisted Interventions?

Animal-Assisted Interventions (AAI) can be applied to various setting and work with a variety of populations. If you are studying Health and Human Services professions, Psychology, Education professions and/or criminology, you may find AAI useful to your future practice.

What Will You Learn?

You will learn about the benefits of the human-animal bond (HAB) and the potential benefits of AAI within various service settings. In this minor, you will be exposed to the process of developing a human-animal team and how to incorporate this therapy into practice.

Careers In Animal Assisted Interventions

Animal-Assisted Interventions are used as a complementary therapy option for various professionals, such as Social Work or Psychology. This minor is also be useful for students interested in careers in counseling and veterinary science.

Clubs & Organizations

Recreational Therapy Club