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SRU's Art BFA in Graphic Design equips students to captivate viewers through the combination of concept, text, and image

Art BFA: Graphic Design

Offered by: Art

Slippery Rock University’s Concentration in Graphic Design major builds students’ understanding of visual art and digital design that culminates in a diverse graphic design portfolio. Our curriculum has produced many successful graphic artists due to the program’s emphasis on refining one’s personal artistic style, portfolio building, and one-on-one professor mentoring.

The Graphic Design concentration is part of SRU’s Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Art degree. This 78-credit program combines the graphic design studio sequence with studio classes in other media. In addition, this graphic design concentration will provide fundamental career skills in software, typography, info art, media, concepts, diagrams, creative images, layout, and illustration. The Department of Art is committed to preparing students for creative careers or postgraduate studies, as well as providing an education that develops transferable skills for other professions.

Why choose Art BFA: Graphic Design?

Majoring in Graphic Design offers students the opportunity to build a comprehensive design portfolio. The course sequence focuses on graphic design production, critique, history, and aesthetics. Our BFA degree is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD); a testament to the high-quality instruction provided by the Department of Art.

Art majors have many resources to foster their exploration and success—10 well-equipped studios, space for student art exhibitions, affordable travel experiences, and events featuring guest artists. SRU is proud to host many campus-wide art initiatives like the Kaleidoscope Arts Festival. Also, student organizations including the Martha Gault Art Society and Potter's Guild bring together student artists to collaborate on events and build camaraderie.

What Will You Learn?

As part of the Graphic Design concentration, you will experience a dynamic integration of studio-based experiences and a liberal arts education. You will have space and opportunity to focus on certain mediums that foster your craft alongside your graphic design work. In the course of the major, you will master: 

  • Graphic design production on a variety of industry-standard computer applications and traditional art media 
  • Design fundamentalslayout, typography, illustration, and graphic imaging
  • Hands-on production experiences of meaningful graphic art 
  • Melding complex combinations of concept, information, creativity, and technology 
  • Greater awareness of your self-knowledge, craft, and cultural understandings of art

Additionally, all art students take classes that provide foundational knowledge in art history and visual design. You will be well-prepared for an artistic career through internship opportunities, portfolio building, and networking events in a variety of venues.

Careers In Graphic Design

Students with a BFA degree and a concentration in graphic design can work in many creative careers across the expansive field of design. Graphic designers will often produce artwork in addition to responsibilities like project management. The solid graphic design skills covered within this program can lead to a variety of jobs including:

  • Graphic Artist 
  • Art Director
  • Creative Director
  • Multimedia Artist 
  • Illustrator
  • Digital Marketer
  • Desktop Publisher
  • UX Web Designer 

SRU alumni have made influential, art-related contributions both internationally and in Pennsylvania, forming a strong alumni network spanning a variety of professional roles. Additionally, a BFA  degree is valuable for many careers beyond a practicing artist or graphic designer. A multitude of careers involve visual design, digital production, observational analysis, detailed craftsmanship, or the ability to work equally well independently as in collaboration. 

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