Art history student observing art

Study Art from Around the World

The minor in Art History allows students to study art from Western and non-Western traditions.

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Art history students

Learn by Studying Abroad

Art History students have the opportunity to travel abroad through faculty-led trips.

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Historical art

Understand Art and Art-Making

The minor allows students to put art into a historical perspective.

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Minor in Art: Art History

Offered by: Art

The 18-credit minor in Art History provides an introduction to art of the Western and non-Western world. In addition to the two introductory courses, you will have a choice of four upper level courses in which you will be exposed to various artists, movements, styles, trends and materials. The coursework aims to help you gain historical context and to better understand art and art making.

Why Choose Art History?

The minor in Art History provides groundwork as you strive to understand works of art created in different cultures: the interpretation, philosophy and social history background. You'll develop transferable skills, such as analytical thinking and professional writing, which are necessary in other fields of humanities. The minor in Art History helps raise your qualifications and enhance your employability.

What Will You Learn?

Required courses will teach you to analyze forms of artistic expression in different cultures and traditions. You'll develop awareness of art, critical thinking, observation skills, research, and writing skills: all of which are required by education in humanities. The program is supplemented by domestic and international travel opportunities as well as visiting artists' presentations.

Careers In Art History

The minor prepares you with the necessary skills for a career in the arts and arts administration, design, public relations, art restoration, museum and gallery-related professions, as well as art therapy.

Clubs & Organizations

  • Kaleidoscope Arts Festival
  • Art Society
  • Potter's Guild