The Colosseum

Discover Where We Came From

Understanding our origins impacts our collective future.

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Old Stone House

History in Our Back Yard

Students don't need to travel far to discover areas of historical significance.

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Historical building

Explore the History of Civilization

Understanding where we come from impacts where we are going.

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Offered by: History

In order to make informed decisions about the future, you must have a solid understanding of the past. As a history student at SRU, you will have an understanding of the scope of history and insight into how events of the past are shaping current events.

SRU offers both a major and a minor in general History.

Why Choose History?

The study of history is more than just memorizing facts from dusty books. As you learn about the past, you learn about how cultures and civilizations have come to be. By becoming fully versed in how historical events have shaped our world, and the interdependence of global history, you will become a valuable asset to employers in a wide array of careers.

What Will You Learn?

You will develop critical thinking, research, communication, and analytic skills as you study the broad subject of history.  From ancient history to the American west, from Africa north of Zambezi to modern Japan, you will gain a global perspective on our shared, intertwined history, and an appreciation of the far-reaching consequences of events.

Careers In History

As you finish your studies in the History program at SRU, you will have developed applicable and marketable skills as well as positive intellectual habits that will make you a creative and capable professional in a variety of career fields such as business, politics, academics, journalism, law, education, and/or research.

Clubs & Organizations

  • Phi Alpha Theta
  • The Old Stone House
  • The Stone House Center for Public Humanities