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Biology: Dental 4+4 (LECOM)

Offered by: Biology

As a major in Biology with a focus on dentistry, you'll gain a solid understanding of Biology and, upon completion of your coursework, be prepared to succeed in the field of dentistry. We offer several year+ degree-plus options with affiliated schools such as Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine and West Virginia School of Medicine and Chatham University.

These affiliations provide guaranteed seats to qualified students, as well as accelerated degree completion in some instances. The Department of Biology offers both the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Sciences degrees. Minors in Biology and Marine Science are also available for students who wish to expand their knowledge base.

Why Choose Biology: Dental 4+4 With Lecom?

The Department of Biology and LECOM School of Dental Medicine have teamed together to promote your seamless progression from university to dental school through the SRU and LECOM Early Acceptance Program (EAP). LECOM will interview you within the first two years of study at SRU. Upon successful interview, you will be offered provisional acceptance to LECOM's Doctor of Dental medicine program.

What Will You Learn?

As a student at SRU in Biology, you will complete a broad-based curriculum, including

  • Principles of Biology
  • General Botany
  • Biometry
  • Microbiology
  • Vertebrate Anatomy
  • Molecular biology

During your four years at LECOM, your focus will turn to specific dental classroom instruction as well as clinical training.

Careers In Biology / Dentistry

With a degree in dentistry, you can build a private practice, engage patients in emergency room dentistry, or advance the field of dentistry through research or teaching the next generation of dental students.

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