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Chemistry BA

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The Chemistry major will prepare you to be a chemist. Through the curriculum, you'll be prepared to enter the job market directly or to continue your education in either a graduate or professional program.

Why Choose Chemistry?

As a chemistry major at SRU, you'll take a courses designed to strengthen your understanding of organic, inorganic, analytical, physical, and biochemistry.

You'll take lecture and laboratory courses in modern facilities with small class sizes taught by faculty committed to individualized interaction. You'll conduct experiments that will give you experience with current synthetic and analytical techniques, as well as opportunities to use a wide variety of instruments.

The Chemistry program at SRU will provide you with a strong background in chemistry as a result of the following:

  • Small class sizes with high-quality instruction
  • The opportunity to do undergraduate research and work one-on-one with faculty
  • Hands-on experience with state of the art instruments in upper level classes

What Will You Learn?

The Chemistry program will provide you with an overview of four areas of chemistry: organic, analytical, physical, and biochemistry.

The options available for careers in chemistry or chemistry-related fields are varied, and some require additional coursework in given areas. To allow you to pursue your interests in the chemistry field, the department offers several special interest areas within the degree program.

Careers In Chemistry

Your chemistry degree will prepare you for a career in:

  • Art analysis and preservation
  • Business and sales
  • Education
  • Industrial chemistry
  • Medicine, pharmacy, pharmacology