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Chemistry Majors Make a Difference

Pass on your passion for chemistry to the next generation of bright students.

Chemistry: Education

Offered by: Chemistry

SRU offers a major in Chemistry certified by the American Chemical Society (ACS) with an Education Concentration that will prepare you for graduate studies leading to a career teaching chemistry at the high school level. Through this curriculum, you'll be prepared to enter the job market directly as a chemist or to continue your education in a graduate education program.

Why Choose Chemistry: Education?

As a chemistry major at SRU, you'll take core courses designed to strengthen your understanding of organic, inorganic, analytical, physical, and biochemistry.

You'll take lecture and laboratory courses in modern facilities with small class sizes taught by faculty committed to individualized interaction. You'll conduct experiments that will give you experience with current synthetic and analytical techniques as well as opportunities to use a wide variety of instruments.

As a student with a focus in education, you'll learn how to impart your passion for chemistry to others, and how teach the fundamentals of chemistry. Your coursework will prepare you for a fulfilling career in education.

What Will You Learn?

The ACS-certified program offers you a broad-based and rigorous chemistry education. It will provide you with the intellectual, experimental, and communication skills necessary to become a successful chemistry teacher. An ACS degree signifies that you have completed an integrated, demanding program, which includes foundational and in-depth course work in chemistry or chemistry-related fields. This program provides you with the laboratory experience and the professional skill development to be an effective chemist.

As part of our Education Concentration, you will also be take the following courses, designed to prepare a strong background in natural and computer sciences as well as in education:

  • Principles of biology
  • Physical geology
  • Programming principles
  • Standards-based instruction & assessment in the inclusive classroom
  • Educational psychology for diverse learners

Careers In Chemistry

The major in Chemistry with an Education Concentration will prepare you for a career in:

  • Art analysis and preservation
  • Business and sales
  • Drug design
  • Industrial chemistry - designing coatings, plastics, paint, analyzing samples
  • Medicine, pharmacy, pharmacology
  • Patent law after earning a M.S. and J.D
  • Political lobbying
  • Secondary education (after earning a teaching certificate)