Chemistry student working in a lab

Change How Chemistry Affects Our Environment

Students learn the skills necessary to make a difference in environmental science.

Chemistry: Environmental Chemistry

Offered by: Chemistry

Our environment is at a tipping point, and it's never been more urgent to make informed decisions as a society about how our actions impact the environment. If you have a mind for science and a passion for the environment, the major in Environmental Chemistry will prepare you to further the body of evidence exploring how chemistry affects the environment.

Why Choose Environmental Chemistry?

There's a growing demand for experts in all areas of environmental sciences, and your time at SRU will give you the tools you need to contribute to this important field. The expanding field means that you'll have an opportunity to make a difference, and the preparation you receive at SRU means you'll be up for the challenge.

What Will You Learn?

In SRU's Environmental Chemistry program, you'll gain the same knowledge of organic, instrumental, and analytical chemistry as other students in the Chemistry program.  You'll expand your knowledge with upper level courses in environmental sciences, such as Air and Water Quality Assessment and Geochemistry.

Careers In Environmental Chemistry

In a rapidly growing field, you'll be prepared for a career in industrial chemistry, governmental agencies, political lobbying, or academia.