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From City Hall to the Global Stage

Understand how political systems interact to shape our global society

Minor in Comparative Politics & International Relations

Offered by: Political Science

At a time when 24-hour news gives you a cursory view of global dramas, the minor in Comparative Politics and International Relations provides you with the opportunity to study and compare politics in different countries. In addition to a focus on various political institutions and regime types within an array of countries, the minor emphasizes the study of the relationships among countries, and represents both an academic and a public policy field. This focus enables you learn to analyze and understand the formulation of state policies, and the interactions of states in the international arena. 

Why Choose Comparative Politics And International Relations?

We live in a truly internationalized and globalized world. It is critical to develop an appreciation for cultural diversity and political tolerance grounded in an understanding of different societies and different political dynamics. You will learn to appreciate both the scope and depth of  political governance and institutions across a wide spectrum of regime types and countries. This will help you to become a well-rounded global citizen, and will help to prepare you for a wide range of career options.

What Will You Learn?

As a minor in Comparative Politics and International Relations, you will learn about how different societies and countries engage in the business of politics and the necessary processes of governance. You will learn to think critically and comparatively about the world, and about different dynamics of political organization, as well as understand political, social and economic development in different parts of the world. You will come to understand that domestic politics in countries around the world are embedded in a powerful and inescapable international system, and thus, you will study the forces of globalization, sovereignty, international security, nuclear proliferation, nationalism, terrorism, and human rights.

Careers In Comparative Politics And International Relations

The minor in comparative politics and international relations prepares you for a wide range of opportunities upon graduation. Your proficiency in this field will open doors to graduate programs in political science, international relations, or international law. This minor will prepare you for careers in government, civil service, non-profit sectors, secondary or higher education, and business.

Clubs & Organizations

  • Internations Club
  • Model UN / NATO
  • SRU Spanish Club