Spanish: Modern Languages and Cultures

Offered by: Languages, Literatures, Culture and Writing

The Spanish major or minor at SRU isn't just about learning the language. It's about being able to communicate successfully, which involves cultural understanding as well as language expertise. The Hispanic community in the United States is growing rapidly, and the need for Spanish speakers in all markets are highly valuable. Expand your horizons and become more marketable by learning Spanish at SRU.

Why Choose Spanish?

There's a big difference between learning a language from a native speaker and learning a language from someone else who has learned it. Our faculty are all native, or near native speakers who carry with them not only their language skills, but a broad understanding of their culture and the unique history of the countries from which they come. If you crave more authentic experiences, we have a number of study abroad programs for you to choose from.

What Will You Learn?

You will learn how to speak and write grammatically correct Spanish. More than that, you will learn about Hispanic cultures, history and politics in order to give you the background necessary to be able to communicate, not just speak, with your Hispanic neighbors. Because you'll be working with native speakers of the language, your understanding will expand into their vernaculars, giving you a broader, more complete knowledge of the language.

Careers In Spanish

Being bilingual gives you an automatic edge when applying for any job. Spanish speakers specifically are in great demand in industries like teaching, criminal justice, business and healthcare, where the ability to translate is highly valuable.

Clubs & Organizations

  • Sigma Delta Pi (National Honorary)
  • SOL (Student Organization of Latinos/Hispanics and Allies)
  • Spanish Club