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SRU prepares students with technical and managerial skills needed by technology companies through the Cybersecurity concentration


Offered by: Computer Science

The Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity at Slippery Rock University offers a high-quality and affordable four-year Cybersecurity degree program based on excellence standards laid by NSA/DOD to the students. The program is well structured to create well-rounded, critical thinking security professionals with most advanced cyber skills who are prepared to enter current and future Cybersecurity workforce to meet the increasing demand of industrial and government organizations across the nation.

The Bachelor's degree program comprises of 120 credit hours with 60 credits in the major and two separate concentration: Secure Software Development and Security Governance. The courses in the program are taught face-to-face, online and blended, which maximizes flexibility for students.

Why major in Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity has become the top priority for any organizations in protecting their digital assets or online activities. Modern sophisticated adversaries can easily find vulnerabilities and make exploits to launch attacks for financial gains or as a way to achieve specific objectives. Cases of denial-of-service attacks to business servers, leakage of business and customer private information, advance malware attacks, fraudulent and malicious websites are found very common in daily news. With the increased use of the Internet and prevalence of computing systems in critical infrastructure, technology is undoubtedly a vital part of modern daily life.

It is clear then, that Cybersecurity is a wide-ranging field that demands academic preparation spanning diverse concepts related to network administration, cryptography, software assurance, secure coding, security tools, security analysis, project management, incident response, automation, data science and data analytics, scripting, post-mortem deep forensics, ethical reasoning, malware behavior, and analysis.

What Will You Learn?

The students enrolled in the SRU's undergraduate Cybersecurity degree program will specialize in Secure Software Development and Security Governance. These concentrations ensure that students know how to write robust, secure software and to implement practical and constructive coding strategies that aids in maintaining the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of the software and data.

The program is designed to prepare students for careers in a wide array of Cybersecurity fields including information security, network management, secure software development, software assurance, security governance.

Careers In Cybersecurity

A 2017 survey conducted by Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) and independent industry analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) revealed that Cybersecurity skills shortage is worsening and is impacting 70% of the organizations (ISSA Survey). According to the CyberSeek, a cybersecurity data tool there are almost 40,000 jobs in U.S for security analysts that go unfilled, and employers are struggling to fill more than 200,000 other jobs related to cybersecurity skills (Forbes Data 2018) - for which the BS in Cybersecurity can prepare Slippery Rock students to take.

The goal of this program is to prepare undergraduates for careers in the field of Cybersecurity, its sub-fields and related occupations. The students will graduate from the program with a solid grasp of security principles, strong communication skills, and strong leadership skills. These goals are achieved through a multi-disciplinary curriculum that combines liberal arts courses and Cybersecurity classes. Throughout their coursework, students will learn to use sound Cybersecurity principles to communicate with many stakeholders. They will analyze and design Cybersecurity strategies to reach the goals of the organization and the mandates imposed by various governmental agencies, all invaluable skills to a practicing security professional.

Our campus is conveniently located within driving distance to Pittsburgh, allowing students to intern or work in one of Pennsylvania's largest cities. Cybersecurity majors are regularly placed within big companies, including Bayer Corp., US Steel, Highmark Blue Shield, and McKesson Robotics. They gain valuable work experience, academic credit, and are even sometimes paid.

Earn your Cybersecurity degree at SRU!

Slippery Rock University's Cybersecurity major gives students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of computing and security through our high-tech labs on campus. Interested in learning more about the Computing program with a concentration in Cybersecurity? Request more information today!