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Minor in Elementary School Math

Offered by: Mathematics

If your goal is to become an elementary school teacher, SRU's minor in Elementary School Mathematics will enhance your professional value. This minor is intended as a complement to majors that lead to teaching certification-including Special Education, Music Education, Physical Education, and Early Childhood Education. Through this program, you'll gain a deeper and more expansive understanding of mathematics.

Why Choose Elementary School Math?

Enhancing your own knowledge of math gives you additional flexibility and creativity in teaching your students. You'll be equipped to meet the needs of students with a wide range of mathematical interests and skillsets. Completing a math-related minor also helps you to expand your critical thinking skills, and showcases you as someone with the willingness to tackle tough problems.

What Will You Learn?

The minor Elementary School Mathematics will help you communicate results clearly and precisely, and appreciate the many connections that math has with the world around us. You'll complete a sequence in mathematics for the grade K-6 environment, take coursework in elementary geometry, and complete a methods course on the teaching of elementary mathematics. You'll also have the option to choose from courses such as:

  • Discrete mathematics
  • Elementary statistics
  • Financial mathematics
  • Mathematics as a liberal art
  • Precalculus

Careers In Elementary School Mathematics

SRU's minor in Elementary School Mathematics will enhance your professional value when seeking jobs as an elementary school teacher. Teachers with a minor in math in addition to their basic certifications are highly sought after in the teaching field.

Clubs & Organizations

  • Dead Poets Society
  • Math Club
  • Pre-service Teachers of Mathematics Club