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English: Literary, Film, and Cultural Studies

Offered by: Languages, Literatures, Cultures, and Writing

The Literary, Film, and Cultural Studies major at SRU will empower you to think critically about works across media-including both traditional forms of print and contemporary forms of visual-based communication. You will learn how to view literature and film as symbolic representations responding to the culture at large. You will analyze and interpret text within political, economic, philosophical, religious, and technological contexts.

Why Choose Literary, Film, and Cultural Studies?

If you enjoy thinking about the ideas and themes presented in literature and film within a cultural context, then this major is perfect for you. You'll learn to think and write critically about literature, film, and cultural theory to discover how different value systems shape our world. Emphasizing close reading, critical thought, and effective communication, SRU's Literary, Film, and Cultural Studies major will equip you with the necessary writing and analytical skills you will use in the professional world. This major also serves as an excellent framework for graduate studies in a variety of fields, especially the Master of Arts in English.

What Will You Learn?

As a Literary, Film, and Cultural Studies major, you will learn to:

  • Read, interpret, and compose works
  • Understand the literary cannon and rhetorical theory of works across media
  • Display a working familiarity with British, American, and World texts
  • Learn about representative authors, historical periods, cultures, and genres
  • Recognize and examine literature, film, and language as cultural artifacts

Careers In Literary, Film, and Cultural Studies

The Literary, Film, and Cultural Studies major helps you develop critical thinking and communication skills that are an asset in a many fields and professions, including, but limited to, the following:

  • editing,
  • publishing,
  • library studies,
  • non-profit business and arts administration, advertising and marketing,
  • law,
  • government,
  • higher education,
  • and teaching.

Many of our majors continue their education in graduate programs or attain professional degrees in law, medicine, and business.

Clubs & Organizations

  • SLAB Literary Magazine
  • Sigma Tau Delta

Student/Alumni Spotlight

Carly Kaczmarowski, a Creative Writing alumna, talks about her choice to leave Wisconsin to come to Slippery Rock University. Carly also talks about how classes in her major helped to develop her creative thinking skills and prepared her to apply to graduate programs in screen writing. Carly has been involved in SLAB, Marching Band and many other organizations which have also helped her develop her writing and creative skills. Carly has been accepted to a screen writing program in Las Vegas and will also be doing an internship in South Africa creating a documentary on an animal.

Carly Kaczmarowski