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Minor in Ethics

Offered by: Philosophy

In business, academics, and in everyday life, we face complicated ethical questions and challenges. Gain valuable insight into how people answer ethical questions and approach moral dilemmas through SRU's minor in Ethics. This 18-credit course of study will give you a solid foundation in normative and applied ethics, as well as the practice of ethical deliberation. You'll study questions concerning right action, moral obligation, and examine various theories of moral judgment.

Why Choose Ethics?

Ethical questions and dilemmas are found in every academic discipline and profession. That means learning to think carefully and fairly about ethical issues is relevant to every career path. An ideal complement to every field of study, a minor in Ethics at SRU helps foster strong reading, writing, critical thinking, and ethical deliberation skills. Most importantly, by encouraging respect for reason and the critical examination of your beliefs, an Ethics minor teaches you to think in a responsible way and to live a thoughtful life.

What Will You Learn?

By minoring in Ethics at SRU, you'll learn to apply ethical theory to resolve challenging and fascinating issues in a variety of fields. You'll take advanced courses in Environmental Ethics, Business Ethics, and Medical/Health Care Ethics. You'll also learn to read carefully, write clearly, examine assumptions, think logically, and engage in ethical deliberation-skills many employers prize above all else.

Careers In Ethics

While many students turn to Ethics and philosophy because they enjoy deep thinking, these areas of study also pave the path to a successful career. You might be surprised to find many well-known world leaders, business executives, scientists, novelists, journalists, artists, economists, filmmakers, social activists, entertainers, Supreme Court justices, and Noble Laureates started out studying philosophy.

With a strong background in reasoning and ethical decision-making, SRU graduates with a minor in Ethics go on to excel in a wide variety of fields, including:

  • Actuarial science
  • Art
  • Business
  • Education
  • Health care
  • Information science and technology
  • Law
  • Nonprofit leadership
  • Scientific research

Clubs & Organizations

  • Philosophy Club
  • Phi Sigma Tau Philosophy Honorary