At the heart of philosophy are three fundamental questions:

         What can we know? What should we believe? How should we live?

Philosophy encourages systematic inquiry into fundamental questions about our lives and our relationships to others, society, and the world. It helps students pull their studies together into a unified project and to think about broader perspectives and their implications, which are often lost sight of in specialized study. The study of philosophy helps students to develop dispositions essential to any academic pursuit and intelligent living.

Philosophy teaches students to:

  • Examine critically what passes as common knowledge
  • Formulate logical positions on important issues
  • Express their ideas clearly and intelligently

Because philosophical questions arise in every academic discipline, and because philosophy helps one to think carefully, to formulate logical positions on important issues, and to express ideas clearly and intelligently, philosophy is an ideal complement to every field.

The Philosophy Department at Slippery Rock University has a long tradition of excellence in teaching and scholarship, with faculty who specialize in a wide range of areas. Our department fosters excellence in our students, and we offer a number of tracks designed to prepare you for a chosen career or graduate program, or to complement another major.

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