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Find Your Academic Calling

Students explore their options while accruing credits.

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Gather information

It's a great opportunity to research the many directions your academic path can go.

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Discover the Possibilities

Consider the breadth of choices before a decision is made.

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Exploratory Studies

Offered by: Academic Services

Still not sure what major you want to choose? Don't worry, it's not uncommon. In fact, more than 200 students come to SRU each year with the skills and abilities to succeed but without a clear idea what major to choose. At SRU, we welcome the exploratory student. The Academic Services Department is here to help you find your way and achieve your academic goals. By declaring "exploratory" as your major choice, you'll have the opportunity to learn about different majors and minors, take self-discovery inventories, and meet with faculty and students to find the best major for you.

Why Choose Exploratory Studies?

At SRU, we believe students who are undecided about their academic interest should feel confident and comfortable starting their college career. It's okay not to have it all figured out from the get-go. Part of what attending SRU is all about is finding your unique career path. Through Exploratory Studies, you'll have time to learn more about SRU's different majors and minors; explore your skills, values, interests, and abilities; and work with the Office of Career Education and Development to decide if the major you choose has employment opportunities suited to your goals. When you do choose a major, you'll know your choice is informed by honest self-reflection and thorough investigation. You can also live with other exploratory students as a part of our Explore, Discover, Decide Living-Learning Community.

What Will You Learn?

Students who earn their degree from SRU complete coursework from three components: Liberal Studies Program, major program, and free electives. As an exploratory student, you will complete the requirements of the Liberal Studies Program to stay on track to earn your degree.

In the meantime, you'll also be exploring your interests to discover the major and career that's right for you. You'll receive one-on-one advisement to explore possible majors and career choice options, choose appropriate and useful classes, and discuss any other topics of academic concern. You'll also be able to participate in college skills workshops, and receive peer tutoring and specific services from the Office of Career Education and Development.

Exploring Careers

As an exploratory student, faculty and peers will assist you to figure out what major and career path best fits your skills, goals and areas of interest.

Clubs & Organizations

Explore, Discover, Decide Living-Learning Community (LLC)