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Exploratory Studies and Academic Progress

Exploratory Studies & Academic Progress (ESAP) Office

The Department of Exploratory Studies & Academic Progress wants to ensure that our community is taking every precaution possible to stay safe and healthy. To do this, our services (advisement, tutoring, Skills Workshops, events) will be provided remotely through Zoom, Phone calls, and Emails. Therefore, the best way to reach our office for assistance is by email at  or by phone at 724.738.2012. Your email will be addressed or forwarded to the appropriate individual.  Response times may be slower than usual, but we will respond as soon as possible.  We thank you for your patience.

The Exploratory Studies & Academic Progress Department at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania is dedicated to assisting students in their success. The department is responsible for coordinating Academic Advising and the FYRST Seminar course, to ensure each student has ROCK Solid Support. The goal is to provide resources and advisement services that will assist students through their decision-making process by developing educational plans to meet their future career goals.

Services provided by the department faculty advisors will help students identify their interest, decide on a major, and understand university policies/procedures. Advisors also assist students during registration by helping them understand SRU'S Liberal Studies Program (for students who have entered SRU prior to Fall 2019) and the newly created Rock Studies Program (for students who have entered SRU Fall 2019 and after) requirements. New Transfers admitted through Spring 2021, will continue on Liberal Studies programs. New Transfer students admitted to SRU in the Summer 2021 and forward, will then follow the Rock Studies Program. Students will also be advised on interpreting their My Rock Audit.

In addition, to assist students in their academic success, the department also provides other resources designed to help build a monumental future. Students can acquire a tutor to address academic issues, at no out of pocket cost.

The Exploratory Studies & Academic Progress Department is an academic center that excels at providing opportunities across the university community to develop students into educated leaders who embrace global and cultural understanding.

Department Values

  • People affect their own future.
  • Every person has something unique to contribute to society.
  • Attitudes and expectations affect performance and can be changed .
  • Change is inevitable ... adaptation to change is essential.
  • Each individual needs positive support to succeed.

Department Mission

The department is a faculty unit that:

  • Develops and facilitates the academic success of students,
  • Provides expertise to faculty and the university community regarding student academic success and persistence, and
  • Fosters global and diverse perspectives by collaborating with the university community through targeted activities and programs.