Gender and Diversity handprints

Learn Patterns of Power and Privilege

This major emphasizes the intersections of identity markers and stresses critical thinking and awareness about diversity

Gender and Diversity Studies: Interdisciplinary Programs

Offered by: Nonprofit Management, Empowerment and Diversity Studies

Gender and diversity are political and culturally constructed individual and social identities and thus impact all of us. Whether we recognize it or not, we experience, reinforce and disrupt social and systemic expectations about diversity categories (gender, race, sexualities, able-bodiedness and disability, socioeconomic status, ethnicity and religion) every day. The concentration in Gender and Diversity Studies explores all of these intersections within a critical context and analyzes how privilege, power and oppression are produced, challenged and changed at both micro- and macrocosmic levels.

Why Choose Gender and Diversity Studies?

In an increasingly global, heterogeneous culture, we are bound to engage with diverse people, practices, and beliefs. Understanding and respecting differences can prepare you for and enhance both your professional and personal lives, whether your future is in Criminology, politics, teaching, science or counseling, among other career options. Because the concentration integrates classes from multiple departments, you are able to synthesize material across boundaries and apply what you learn to effect social change at myriad levels.

What Will You Learn?

You'll learn how identity markers like race, class, and gender impact individual lives, social group formation, and patterns of power and privilege. You will:

  • Develop an awareness of and an ability to address sensitive issues with respect for and understanding of diverse perspectives, values and backgrounds
  • Gain an understanding of how power structures are created, maintained and challenged within cultural, economic, historical and political contexts
  • Learn to think critically about and gain an appreciation of the culturally specific experiences of sex, gender, race, and other identity categories
  • Apply what you've learned to social, professional and community environments
  • Participate in internships to apply what you've learned, acquire practical experience in the workforce, and create professional networks.

Careers In Gender and Diversity Studies

Unless you only plan to work and interact only with people who look like you and share your beliefs, this major can serve you well. You'll learn about and interacting with people who are different from you and participating in organizations, workplaces, and communities where you'll need to understand, respect and work with difference, and employers and graduate programs value inclusiveness and diversity. This major enhances career preparedness in a variety of fields, including:

  • Non-profits (for instance, Women's Shelters, Boys to Men Foundation, NAACP, Human Rights Campaign, YMCA, Planned Parenthood, OUT for Work, Women's and Girls Foundation, Stop Human Trafficking, or Big Brothers/Big Sisters, among others)
  • Business
  • Counseling and Psychology
  • Criminology
  • Sociology
  • Education/Teaching
  • Law
  • Market Research
  • Music Therapy
  • Social Work
  • Business
  • Health, medicine and rehabilitation
  • Public Relations and Communication

Clubs & Organizations

Gender Studies Club

SRU-Project to End Human Trafficking