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Leadership Roles Await

Students develop the necessary skills to enter the workforce at management levels.

Leadership Studies

Offered by: Nonprofit Management, Empowerment and Diversity Studies

Every brilliant idea needs someone to bring it to fruition.  Great success stories all have one common character: a leader.  Whether you've always been the person who can rally a team to get a job done, or you're the one with the big ideas and you're looking for the tools to bring them to life, Leadership Studies will lead to a rewarding career.

At SRU, we offer both a major and a minor in Leadership Studies.

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Why Choose Leadership Studies?

This interdisciplinary program will set you on a path to being a lifelong learner in the study and practice of leadership.  You will master theory, method, application, experiential learning, introspection, analysis, and critical thinking, which are necessary to lead in any sector of society.  As you engage in academic study, co-curricular activities support of leadership studies, and connections to the regional community, you will have the opportunity to connect with today's leaders within organizations looking for tomorrow's leaders.

If you are a student of traditional age, or just a bit older, and lack extensive experience in the workforce, then this program of study will provide you with the skills and knowledge that employers seek. Older non-traditional students can use this program of study to strengthen their skills to aid in advancement in a job, or a new one. Your knowledge and skills will be greatly increased, as will your employment prospects.

What Will You Learn?

The major in Leadership Studies combines a curriculum in leadership theory, methodology, and application and with the opportunity to gain real-world experience through practicums and internships, both here and abroad, and directed research with a faculty member.  Extensive outreach to the region will provide numerous opportunities for students to interact with persons in leadership positions.

You will gain the skills you need to become a leader in a variety of settings, including business, healthcare, non-profit leadership, military, education, and many more.  As you enter the workforce, you will have the skills you need to make good, effective, and ethical decisions, understand how organizations operate, build a team, be able to resolve conflicts, be confident, communicate effectively, and understand the role of a follower as well as a leader.

Careers In Leadership Studies

With the Leadership Studies program, you will be poised to take a role in leadership in any field you choose. You will emerge from the program with the foundation of leadership knowledge and experience employers seek in recent college graduates.

Clubs & Organizations

Slippery Rock Frontier Leadership and Assessment Group

National Society of Leadership and Success