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Offered by: Mathematics and Statistics

Slippery Rock University's Mathematics major provides a strong math foundation, from calculus to abstract algebra, while enabling you to tailor your education to your interests and career goals with 15 different concentrations. While earning a Bachelor of Science degree, students enjoy a strong sense of community through clubs, activities, and dynamic study spaces. You'll also have opportunities to work closely with our dedicated faculty, who are committed to excellence in teaching and get to know you as an individual.

Why Major in Mathematics?

Mathematics is more than just number crunching. A degree in math shows that you have the ability to think critically and conveys an intellectual maturity sought by many employers. The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics demonstrates you've learned how to solve complex problems, indicates flexibility and creativity in reasoning, and shows you are capable of handling abstractions.

Mathematics majors at Slippery Rock also have the chance to travel to events such as the Mathematical Association of America and the American Mathematical Society conferences.

What Will You Learn?

Through core coursework in the SRU Mathematics program, you'll study calculus, discrete math, proofs sequence, linear and abstract algebra, differential equations, statistics, real analysis, and more.

Earning a degree in math helps you strengthen all aspects of critical thinking. You'll learn to:

  • Reason more clearly, maturely, and flexibly
  • Recognize and take advantage of patterns and relationships
  • Choose and apply different intellectual perspectives and technological tools
  • Be tenacious, energetic, and creative in solving tough problems
  • Communicate results clearly and precisely
  • Appreciate the many connections math has to the world around us

Careers In Mathematics

There are many possibilities for careers with a degree in mathematics. Students have the potential to become teachers and actuaries or work in almost any branch of government. Graduates of the SRU Mathematics program, after declaring one of the following minors, move on to advanced study and careers in diverse areas including:

Students in the SRU Mathematics program have an abundance of internship opportunities. In the past, people have interned at John Hopkins, AETNA, and Progressive, just to name a few. SRU also features organizations such as Math Club, Actuarial Club, Kappa Mu Epsilon, and more!

Learn More About Our Mathematics Degree!

Slippery Rock University's Mathematics major is perfect for students looking to earn a versatile bachelor's degree, further their education, and work in a wide range of careers. Interested in learning more? Request more information today!