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Physics: Pre-Masters of Education

Offered by: Physics and Engineering

In cooperation with the Department of Secondary Education, this unique program will accelerate your path to becoming a high school physics teacher. As a Physics: Pre-Masters of Education student, you'll complete an undergraduate degree in physics followed by a three semester master's degree from SRU's College of Education.

Why Choose Physics: Pre-Masters Of Education?

Qualified physics teachers are in great demand. Currently, two-thirds of new physics teachers in the U.S. lack a physics degree. If you enjoy math and physics, and have a passion for teaching, you should strongly consider teaching physics at the high school level. The Pre-Masters of Education program at SRU will prepare you for a rewarding career as a physics teacher, earning you both an undergraduate degree in physics and a master's degree in secondary education with an emphasis in physics education.

What Will You Learn?

You'll learn key physics concepts, take courses in mathematics and other sciences, and prepare for your master's program with education courses. You'll become skilled at problem solving and collaborative learning, master laboratory skills, and have the opportunity gain experience teaching introductory physics as a tutor non-physics majors as an upper-level student.

Careers In Physics: Pre-Masters Of Education

School administrators around the country agree that educators who are qualified to teach high-school physics are among the most sought after teachers in the country. With an undergraduate degree in physics and a master's in education with an emphasis in physics, you'll be well-prepared  for a career as a high school physics teacher.

Clubs & Organizations

  • Physics Club
  • Sigma-Pi-Sigma: The Physics Honor Society