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Being Bilingual is An Asset

Study abroad and master the French language.

Professional French: Modern Languages and Cultures

Offered by: Languages, Literatures, Culture and Writing

Through SRU's Professional French program, you'll gain a mastery of the French language and develop an understanding of Francophone cultures throughout the world. The program will prepare you for a career in the global community in which we live.

Why Choose Professional French ?

Competency in a foreign language can provide you with advantages throughout your career. By pairing the Professional French program with a primary major in another field, you can expand the career opportunities you'll have upon graduation and beyond.

As a Professional French major or minor, you'll learn from native or near-native speaking professors who have extensive experience living, working and studying in French-speaking countries. You will develop your language skills by learning through the latest teaching methods and technologies.

You'll also have ample opportunities to hone your language skills and to experience French culture through on-campus extracurricular activities and our study abroad program in Cannes, France.

What Will You Learn?

The French program emphasizes oral proficiency, but as a French student at SRU, you'll also develop competency in written communication.

You'll be exposed to the breadth of French and Francophone studies through major content areas, including language, literature, and culture from three continents. Through these content areas, you'll truly be able to experience the diversity of the French-speaking world.

Careers In Professional French

Employers in nearly all industries value bilingual people. Career opportunities exist for French-speakers with companies and organizations that do business in Francophone countries throughout Europe, Africa, North America and Asia.

The Professional French program will allow you to expand upon the career options in you primary major field by adding competency in another language. SRU French graduates routinely find themselves working fields as varied as criminal justice, health, business, journalism, and government.

Clubs & Organizations

  • French Club
  • Internations Club
  • Pi Delta Phi (National Honorary)