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Explore Your Business Major Options

Delve into different facets of business before deciding on an area of specialization!

Business Undeclared

Offered by: Healthcare Administration and Information Systems

Slippery Rock University allows students who are interested in business but unsure what area of the field they want to pursue the opportunity to start classes undecided and explore their options. Undeclared business majors are part of the School of Business and guided by business faculty member advisors as they decide what specific major best suits their interests and career goals.

As an undecided business major, you will take the same core business courses that are required of all business majors, so you will still be on track to graduate on time. These foundation classes will give you the chance to examine different facets of business, enabling you to make an informed decision on which business major is a best fit.

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Why choose the undeclared business major?

If you know that business is the path that you want to pursue, but you’re not sure what area you want to specialize in, starting off your college education as an undeclared business major may be the best option! You’ll be afforded the chance to delve into many different business area facets, such as accounting, economics, finance, and more. At SRU, you don’t have to be daunted by the task of choosing exactly what you want to do before you even arrive on campus. 

Students with an undeclared business major can also take part in several clubs and organizations at SRU, including:

  • American Marketing Society (AMA)
  • Finance & Economics Club
  • Student Accounting Society (SAS)

What Will You Learn?

As an undeclared business major, you’ll take classes across the School of Business’s six academic departments: communication, hospitality, event management and tourism, sport management, safety management, and military science. At SRU, our business courses are always evolving to keep pace with changes in the field. That being said, all coursework is grounded in the belief that successful business professionals must be excellent communicators and know how to process and analyze information. For this reason, in addition to business classes, students must also complete foundation courses in the liberal arts—building up their critical thinking and communication skills. Our curriculum aims to instill within students a passion for lifelong learning and development.

Undecided business majors eventually choose a major from SRU’s seven available business programs: accounting, economics, finance, healthcare administration and management, information systems, management, and marketing.

Careers In Business

Every organization needs professionals who have a keen business sense to keep operations running smoothly. For this reason, career opportunities for those with a business degree are vast at both for-profit and nonprofit organizations alike. 

Possible careers paths include but certainly are not limited to: accountant, financial analyst, actuary, healthcare administrator, and sales specialist. Depending on the specific business major you choose, you may be most interested in pursuing roles in a particular industry or niche, such as healthcare, marketing, or information technology.

Explore your options by entering SRU as an undeclared business major!

Slippery Rock University’s undeclared business major allows students to explore their interests before deciding on a specific area of specialization. Interested in learning more about this option? Request more information today!