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Recreational Therapy Makes Life Worth Living.

SRU Recreational Therapy addresses all areas of client well-being.

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Recreational Therapists Make a Difference

Recreational therapy helps heal injuries and improves patients' quality of life.

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Thinking Outside the Gym

SRU Recreational Therapy students find ways to incorporate client interests into therapy.

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Recreational Therapy Pre-Physical Therapy

Offered by: Recreational Therapy

The SRU Recreational Therapy major is an excellent choice if you're preparing for graduate study and a career as a physical therapist.

Why Choose Recreational Therapy: Pre-Physical Therapy?

The Recreational Therapy (RT) program is nationally renowned for academic excellence and graduates are sought out by various health-related agencies. The RT program will provide you with a variety of "hands-on" experiences working with adolescents and adults with a range of disabling conditions. Clinical labs are integrated into courses and the focus of coursework is to prepare you for a career in health-care. As an allied health profession, RT provides a great introduction to clinical practices which are applicable to other healthcare related careers.

What are your options?

Recreational Therapy Pre-Physical Therapy SRU 3+3
Earn a Doctor of Physical Therapy in six years rather than seven. In the first three years, you complete your recreational therapy major courses and pre-requisites for the SRU DPT program. During your third undergraduate year, you apply for admission into the SRU DPT program. If accepted, your first year in the SRU DPT program meets the remaining requirements for your undergraduate degree. If not accepted, you continue to complete your undergraduate degree and can reapply to the program. The accelerated option is for incoming freshmen only.

Recreational Therapy Pre-Physical Therapy (SRU Traditional)
Complete the requirements for your recreational therapy major and the pre-requisites for the SRU DPT program and apply to the SRU DPT program in your senior year.

Career as a Physical Therapist

Upon completion of the Recreational Therapy undergraduate program and the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program you will be well prepared to embark on your career as a Physical Therapist, a growing profession with increasing demand.

Earn your degrees in Recreational Therapy and Physical Therapy at SRU!

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