Apartment Suites - ROCK Apartments

(NOW CLOSED for FALL 2023/SPRING 2024)

The application for ROCK Apartments opens on October 24, 2022 for Fall 2023-Spring 2024. 

Slippery Rock University ROCK Apartments are spacious and extremely popular. Roommates share the common living areas while each has a private bedroom. The best of on-campus living at a competitive price! ROCK Apartment residents have access to ResNet, the on-campus student network featuring wireless connections that can be accessed all over campus. Freshmen students are not permitted to live in the ROCK Apartments.

Students who live in the ROCK Apartments are provided with their own room, and a kitchen and dining area. The living room can be used for relaxing with friends or getting together with a study group. ROCK Apartments are completely furnished. The bathroom consists of a shower room divided from the toilet, and a vanity area with two sinks.

What floor is my apartment on?  The last number in the 3 digit apartment number indicates what floor it is located on.  For example, 1 & 2 are on the first floor, 3 & 4 are on the second floor, and 5 & 6 are on the third (top) floor.  

ROCK Apartments Photos/General Info Slides

ROCK Apartments Contract Process FA23-SP24 

ROCK Apartments Layout

On-Campus Living Guide

Apartments Description

Co-ed, 188 students Approximately
Upper-class students only

Residential on campus apartment complex
4 individual rooms per apartment
47 individual apartments


  • Fully furnished apartment

  • Storage area

  • Wall to wall carpeting

  • Internet network connection, wireless provided by ResNet

  • *Bathroom with a separate vanity

  • Air conditioning

  • Balcony or patio

  • Security doors

  • Window shades and curtain rods

  • Laundry facilities

What's provided

  • Each apartment has a dishwasher*, self-cleaning oven, stove, microwave and refrigerator/freezer

  • Living room couch, chair, coffee table and end tables

  • Dining room table and four chairs

  • Each bedroom (bedroom size: 9' x 11') has a single bed (twin XL), a wardrobe armoire, night stand, desk and desk chair, six-drawer and two-shelf desk carrel

  • Computer jacks are located in each bedroom and the computer support and access is the same as the residence halls.

  • Window size: 45" H x 45" W 

* Please note:  Apartments 311, 342, and 352 are ADA compliant.  These apartments have a slightly different set up.  There is more cabinet space in the kitchen for those residents needing wheelchair assistance so there is no dishwasher installed.  The shower area is a roll in shower shared with a toilet.