Academic Support

For Fall 2020 term (extended if necessary), Academic Support services will be provided remotely, to ensure the safety and health of the university community.

At Slippery Rock University, we believe that academic support lays the unshakeable foundation for student success. Explore all of the resources designed to help build your monumental future.

  • The Writing Center is available to students in all disciplines looking for peer feedback on their work and insight into the writing process as a whole.

  • Our Tutorial Center will connect you with a highly qualified, undergraduate peer tutor who can assist with supplemental instruction and study skills individually or in a group, at no out of pocket cost.

Writing Center


The Writing Center is a free service to students at Slippery Rock University. Tutors help students work through writing issues they experience at any stage of the writing process.

An appointment is not needed to meet a tutor, services are provided on a walk-in basis. The Writing Center is located in The Technology Learning Center on the first floor of Bailey Library. Here's what to expect when visiting the Writing Center:

  • Qualified tutors collaborate with student writers, working with them to address their particular concerns.

  • All writers in all disciplines are welcome.

  • Sessions are usually between 20 to 60 minutes.

  • Students should bring a clean copy of their writing. They should also be prepared to discuss their writing with the tutors.

Please note the following:

  • Be prepared to make revisions. Thus, students will need to leave themselves enough time to meet with a tutor and also to revise the paper after the meeting. Waiting until the last minute will not allow students to effectively revise.

  • The Writing Center also has copies of resources that help with writing. These resources are free to use anytime the Writing Center is open.

  • Tutors are not allowed to proofread. However, The Writing Center does strive to facilitate the development of improved writing skills. Tutors are trained to help students detect problems and to correct them independently.

  • Students cannot drop off papers and pick them up later.

Tutorial Center


Highly qualified students from numerous academic departments are available to offer free individual and group tutoring. The primary goals of tutoring are to develop study skills and to support the classroom experience with explanation of specific course content.

Who is eligible to receive tutoring?

Free, peer tutoring is available to anyone enrolled in one of more than 90 introductory-level and liberal studies courses. In fact, more than 2,000 students request tutors each academic year.

Who are the tutors?

Our staff of nearly 100 peer tutors is a diverse group of highly-qualified undergraduates who possess grade-point averages in their majors of at least 3.0. They must also be recommended by their professors and undergo a lengthy orientation and training program. Tutors need to have earned at least a "B" in each course in which they assist students.

Where does tutoring occur?

The newly remodeled Tutorial Center is in room 106 on the first floor of Bailey Library. Tutors may meet with their clients in the center or any other mutually convenient location.

How does a student request a tutor?

Acquiring the assistance of a tutor is easy. Visit the Tutorial Center to complete a "Tutor Request Form." A qualified tutor will call you within two days to establish an appointment. Future appointments may be held at a regular time each week, or scheduled as needed.

What is Supplemental Instruction?

Supplemental Instruction is an innovative program for the delivery of academic assistance coordinated by the Tutorial Center. Specialized group tutoring is linked directly with specific classes in order to foster study skills acquisition. The student SI leaders attend the targeted classes, then offer organized question-and-answer sessions to other class members.