Parking Office Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

ID must be shown to pick up your permit. Parking permits are to be picked up at the Parking Office (102 University Union).

All parking to include Open Parking at East Lake Parking Lot requires a parking permit during business hours Monday - Friday. The first section of the East Lake Lot (closest row to Stadium Drive and the ARC) is designated as "no overnight parking" year around. (Signs are posted)

All parking on campus Monday - Friday during the hours of 7:30a.m. and 5:00p.m. is by permit only. Please be sure your visitors obtain a visitor permit and pay attention to the signs designating each lot. There is no overnight parking between November 1st and April 1st, please be sure to forward this information on to your guests.

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Attention All SRU Students

New Fall 2019-2020 Parking Permit Process

Visitor Permits

Permits are required for visitors. Visitor parking permits are available at the Parking Office, 102 University Union, Monday-Friday 7:30a.m.-4:00p.m., or in the designated office in most buildings (Please see signs on building entrance doors). After business hours visitor permits can be obtained at the Police Station on Kiester Road.

All vehicles must be registered with the University Parking Office or through the hosting organization. University members are responsible for assuring that their guests and visitors observe all university regulations. No registered student will be permitted to use a visitor permit on their vehicle.

Acquaint yourself with and observe all posted signs concerning parking on University property. Parking is not permitted on University property without a valid parking permit displayed. (Notes left on cars are not special permits and will not prevent issuance of parking tickets).

  • Visitor permits must be displayed on the driver's side dashboard. Failure to properly display a visitor pass will result in a $50.00 No Parking Permit violation fine per day or $30.00 improperly placed permit fine per day.

  • Parking areas are enforced 24/7: Parking is not permitted in "Loading Zones", "No Parking" areas, by fire hydrants/stand pipes, in "Reserved" or assigned spaces(this includes the staff 3a.m-6a.m or any other timed spaces on campus), no over-night parking areas, maintenance parking, on the grass and/or in roadways. Persons with disability parking spaces are for use only with a current, state-issued, disability permit. All violation payments can be made online.

ARC Member Permits

Your ARC permit is only valid in the East Lake Parking Lot.
SRU Parking permits are not transferrable to any other person or vehicle. One permit will be issued per membership (an exception will be made for family memberships). The ARC Parking Permits are registered to only one vehicle.

If the need arises to temporarily utilize a different vehicle while on campus or you forget your permit you must obtain a temporary permit from the Parking Office or the Police Station (open 24/7). It is your responsibility to make sure your permit is properly displayed at all times.

Your ARC permit will be placed face up on the driver's side dashboard. Failure to properly display an ARC permit could result in a $30.00 improperly placed permit fine per day or a $50.00 fine per day for not displaying a valid parking permit. Registered students are not permitted to use an ARC permit on their vehicle.

Temporary Registration Permits

These permits are available for any person having already obtained a permanent permit, who may have reason to use an unregistered vehicle for up to two weeks per semester. Exceptions will be taken on a case-by-case basis. No SRU student, staff, or faculty member will be permitted to obtain a visitor permit. If a temporary SRU student, staff, or faculty permit is needed for longer than two weeks, they will be required to purchase a permit for $25.00. Temporary permits are issued at the Parking Office, 102 University Union.  After business hours temporary permits can be obtained at the Police Station on Kiester Road. The Police/Parking Offices reserves the right to deny any temporary permit to any person who has an unpaid parking balance.

Temporary registration permits issued by the Police Department shall not be issued for longer than two-weeks at any one time. Arrangements can be made to have an extended permit by calling the Parking Office.


All special permits are temporary and will be issued by the University Police or the Parking Office. Special permits are temporary and are designated for special events, i.e., conferences, workshops, ceremonies, vendors, and construction workers.