About the Office

Slippery Rock University relies on data, information, and analytics to inform decisions that improve student success and the effective operation of the University.  A culture of continuous improvement is integral to the mission of every department and office on campus, and a commitment to transparency and access to information enables us to achieve those missions.

Led by the Chief Data Officer, the office of Planning, Resource Management, and Assessment (PRMA) is the primary source of accurate and reliable data and analysis provided to assist faculty and staff in their evaluation, assessment, and decision-making processes.  PRMA will provide accurate, accessible, actionable information to advance the culture of data-informed decision making in support of continuous quality improvement.  The office also provides prospective and current students, researchers, and other stakeholders information about the University. 

Planning, Resource Management, and Assessment

  • Provides data analytics to support academic and administration assessment, planning, and decision-making
  • Facilitates availability of campus data for planning & forecasting
  • Responds to federal and state mandated reporting requirements as well as requests from other external agencies

PRMA supports the SRU vision and mission and adheres to AIR's Statement of Aspirational Practice for Institutional Research