Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Slippery Rock University will excel as an accessible, inclusive and engaging community, centered on student learning, positively shaping the future of the region, through the lives of our graduates.

Our Mission

Slippery Rock University offers accessible and affordable, broad-based education, through scholarly and creative endeavors, and empowering community-engagement. Educating learners at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, Slippery Rock University fosters an environment of belonging, while ensuring the economic mobility of our graduates. The university is committed to enhancing the quality of life of our learners and our region.

Our Core Values

Slippery Rock University pursues its vision and accomplishes its mission through the following set of shared values:

  • Community and Belonging - We champion diversity, support divergent ways of thinking, and offer an inclusive experience so that our students, faculty, staff, and alumni consider SRU their 'extended family'.
  • Student-Centered - We develop strong connections with our learners and support the development of the whole person.
  • Engagement - We explore and create multiple ways of learning, including community, global, and workplace engagement.
  • Transformation - We offer an intentional collection of curricular and co-curricular programs, and experiences designed to foster student learning and growth.
  • Civic-Mindedness - We encourage students, faculty, and staff to be civically aware and socially responsible.
  • Collaboration - We promote and expect collegiality, resourcefulness, civil discourse, and solution-driven thinking.
  • Focus on the Future - We embrace the university's role in contributing to the prosperity of the region and the upward mobility of our graduates.
  • Stewardship - We make all decisions in the light of our obligation to be responsible stewards of public funds.