Connect with Us

Students may begin their success coaching journey by scheduling a session with a Peer Academic Coach. Use MySRU Portal (Academic Support Tools > Peer Academic Coaching) or D2L (Academic Support > Accudemia) to reach Accudemia, our academic center management system. 

When to Connect with Us

We encourage students to use academic coaching as often as needed throughout their college journey. We assist students who seek growth/development in the following areas: 

  • Assessing and improving academic habits
  • Developing effective learning/studying strategies
  • Exploring academic motivation and/or interest in coursework
  • Transitioning smoothly to college academic environment
  • Balancing commitments, time management, and prioritization
  • Identifying and coping with academic stress
  • Setting and making progress on academic and professional goals
  • Reaching academic progress benchmarks and/or planning and accountability with improving grades

Questions about how to connect with us? Contact the Success Coaching team by emailing or calling 724.738.2011.