Academic Resources and Tips for Students

In addition to academic coaching experiences, our coaching team provides a variety of resources to help students thrive in their academic pursuits at SRU. 


The LASSI is a 10-scale, 60-item assessment of student’s awareness about and use of learning and study strategies related to skill, will and self-regulation components of strategic learning. The LASSI was developed at the University of Texas at Austin by Claire Ellen Weinstein, Ph.D., David R. Palmer, Ph.D., and Taylor W. Acee, Ph.D. 


The LASSI may take 10 to 20 minutes to complete. If you are ready to begin, locate the following URL with your web browser: 

This URL will direct you to a web page that contains directions for taking the LASSI. After you have read these directions, you must enter your school number to continue. Contact for the school number, user name, and password needed to take the LASSI. 

The next screen to appear requires you to enter your first and last name into the spaces provided for the page to be submitted correctly.  Please be sure to use your SRU email address and A0 Student ID Number 

  • Email Address: Use your SRU email address
  • Student ID: Use your SRU Banner ID number that begins with A0

You will be asked to respond to 60 statements.  To help you decide which responses to select, we would like to explain what is meant by each option. 

  • By Not at all typical of me, we do not necessarily mean that the statement would never describe you, but that it would be true of you only in rare instances. 
  • By Not very typical of me, we mean that the statement generally would not be true of you. 
  • By Somewhat typical of me, we mean that the statement would be true of you about half of the time. 
  • By Fairly typical of me, we mean that the statement would generally be true of you. 
  • By Very much typical of me, we do not necessarily mean that the statement would always describe you, but that it would be true of you almost all the time. 

What Happens After Taking the LASSI

After completing and submitting the LASSI, students will receive a summary report of their scores with an explanation to help you understand yourself as a learner and how you compare with others who have taken this assessment. With these results, you can take specific action steps to make improvements to your strategic learning and study skills. If you are a student completing the LASSI as a part of a class or program assignment, please save your summary report PDF. 

The Success Coaching program also monitors LASSI results and will reach out to you via email with opportunities to grow in your skill, will, and self-regulated learning. You can also schedule a success coaching appointment to discuss your LASSI results and/or work on your learning and study skills by emailing or calling 724.738.2011. 

If you are looking for regular, weekly support on developing your learning and study skills, please consider scheduling an academic coaching session.

If you lose access to your results, email the Success Coaching program at 


Students are encouraged to complete the LASSI during the first 8 weeks (about 2 months) of their first semester at SRU. The Success Coaching program partners with various offices and departments to embed the LASSI as an assignment or activity in a course or as a part of a co-curricular experience. If you are a student who has questions about the LASSI assignment, please email 


H&H Publishing categorizes LASSI scales into three areas of students’ learning strategies: skill, will, and self-regulated learning. Descriptions of each components are described below. Learn more at H&H Publishing.

Skill Component of Strategic Learning 

The LASSI scales related to the skill component of strategic learning are: Information Processing, Selecting Main Ideas and Test Strategies. These scales examine student’s learning strategies, skills and thought processes related to identifying, acquiring and constructing meaning for important new information, ideas and procedures, and how they prepare for and demonstrate their new knowledge on tests or other evaluative procedures. 

Will Component of Strategic Learning 

The LASSI Scales related to the will component of strategic learning are: Attitude, Motivation and Anxiety. These scales measure students' receptivity to learning new information, their attitudes and interest in college, their diligence, self-discipline, and willingness to exert the effort necessary to successfully complete academic requirements, and the degree to which they worry about their academic performance. 

Self-regulation Component of Strategic Learning 

The LASSI Scales related to the self-regulation component of strategic learning are: Concentration, Time Management, Self-Testing and Using Academic Resources. These scales measure how students manage, or self-regulate and control, the whole learning process through using their time effectively, focusing their attention and maintaining their concentration over time, checking to see if they have met the learning demands for a class, an assignment or a test, and using study supports such as review sessions, tutors or special features of a textbook.