SRU Student's design project

Design and Composition

Hone your creative design process and develop the skills to communicate through design

Art Design

Offered by: Art

As a student in the Certificate in Design program, you will develop an understanding of the design process, and will learn how to compose technical, non-technical and expressive information into attractive and visually clear and concise forms. Students from a wide range of degree programs will focus on the presentation of discipline-based subject matter using digital and traditional methods of production. Artwork will range from an expressive response to subject matter to a creative representation of facts. The skills developed in this program will augment students' communication skills and enhance possible career opportunities.

Why Choose the Design Certificate?

You should choose an SRU Certificate in Design to develop the skills required to successfully visualize and communicate information specific to your interests. Your engagement in this program will provide an opportunity to gain skills with creative software programs as well as traditional and mixed art media. You will focus on selected topics, and learn how to develop a concept, creatively design and produce effective artwork. Regardless of your major, this program will provide you with design skills to help you produce attractive visuals and advance your career.

What Will You Learn?

You will learn to:

  • Develop strategies for research into technical and non-technical information, and demonstrate the ability to synthesize this research into various creative works of art.
  • Employ specific design software and techniques, traditional and mixed media to expressively communicate ideas.
  • Complete a range of artworks specific to an interest or discipline.
  • Display knowledge of digital and traditional methods of creating artwork.
  • Build a portfolio of artworks that demonstrate an understanding of how to effectively visualize concepts.
  • Explain and demonstrate the process of design in the visualization of ideas.

Career Opportunities

As a graduate with a certificate in Design, you are prepared for a career as an Illustrator or Designer. This certificate will also enhance your skills to advance you in any career that requires effective visualization of information.

Cost of Attendance