Graphic Design art project

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This certificate teaches you to produce attractive and effectively-designed graphic art

Art Graphic Design

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If you want to learn how to produce attractive and effectively designed graphic art the SRU Graphic Design Certificate program will help you achieve your goals. You'll gain an understanding of design-related concepts, and will be using the latest graphic design software to produce a range of inventive graphic design products to showcase your creativity. The work you produce can be the foundation of a strong graphic design portfolio.

Why Choose the Graphic Design certificate?

You should choose the SRU Graphic Design Certificate program to enhance your creative design skills. A range of hands-on learning experiences will focus on effective techniques to enhance the visualization of ideas. Using the current industry-standard software, you will produce graphic design work for your professional portfolio. This program will help prepare you for a career in graphic design.

What Will You Learn?

You'll develop skills in concept development, design, and the production of graphic design examples while using the industry-standard graphic design software. You'll receive training in:

  • The current industry-standard graphic design software
  • Design concepts to enhance the visualization of ideas.
  • How to synthesize research into creative examples of graphic design.
  • Techniques that strengthen visual communication
  • The production of a range of graphic design examples
  • Portfolio development to demonstrate effective use of graphic design concepts.

Career Opportunities

With a certificate in Graphic Design, you will be prepared for the following careers:

  • Graphic designer
  • Art Director
  • Illustrator

Cost of Attendance