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SRU's certificate improves your nonprofit management skills or positions you for a career shift into the nonprofit sector

Nonprofit Management

Offered by: Interdisciplinary Programs

The Certificate in Nonprofit Management is offered to students currently seeking an undergraduate degree as well as people who want to improve their nonprofit management skills or position themselves for a career shift into the sector.  It's possible to earn the certificate in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Management on-campus or totally online.  Recipients of this certificate may also see the Certified Nonprofit Professional credential, a nation credential that tells nonprofits that you are ready to make a difference from day one.

This certificate allows students to develop nonprofit management skills including program development and evaluation, budgeting and financial management, fundraising, marketing and public relations, volunteer and human resource management, advocacy and organizational policy. Through this program's service-learning experience, students are afforded the opportunity to use newly acquired skills to make a difference while they are still working toward their certificate. 

Why Choose a Certificate in Nonprofit Management?

If you want to make a difference and make a living, then the Certificate of Achievement in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Management can set you on the right path.  With more than 1.6 million nonprofit organizations registered with the United Stated Dept. of Internal Revenue Services, there is room for you in this sector.  Nearly 15% of working Americans are employed within the nonprofit sector which generates 5% of the US GDP.  The nonprofit sector is Pennsylvania's largest employer with more than 790,000 employed by nonprofits.

The Professionals for Nonprofit Staffing Group reported that, over the past 10 years, the nonprofit sector has grown 20%. This is a staggering rate, especially when compared to the for-profit sector, which grew 2-3%.   The majority of people working in the nonprofit sector have little to no formal training in nonprofit management as undergraduate degrees in this area are rare.  Currently, SRU is one of 27 US universities and the only undergraduate degree awarding university in Pennsylvania to offer an undergraduate major in nonprofit management.

What Will You Learn?

This certificate will teach you how to:

  • Recognize the scope, variety and impact of work conducted by the nonprofit sector in both domestic and international settings.
  • Understand the role of ethics and morality in the nonprofit sector.
  • Develop skills in critical thinking, synthesis, analysis and application of information pertaining to nonprofit organizations with a focus on advocacy, budgeting and financial management, community development, marketing and public relations, program design and evaluation, and resource development.
  • Develop the ability to prepare and then write documents that mediate between the needs

This certificate complements a BA or minor in one of the Humanities or a BS or minor in Criminal Justice, Homeland Security, Sociology, Psychology, Public Relations, Marketing as well as programs with a human service focus such as Social Work, Recreational Therapy, Education and Transitions Programs.

Careers In Nonprofit Management

Nonprofit professionals work in organizations from the arts to zoos and everything in between.  Their clients range from children to senior citizens with a host of services that enhance quality of life in every possible way.  They provide direct service, raise funds and build capacity of nonprofit organizations to more efficiently and effectively serve clients, and they advocate for social justice and other causes.  They work at nonprofit organizations that have very few employees and those with thousands of employees; those with tiny budgets and those with billion dollar budgets.  The sector seeks skills from accounting to writing and every other discipline you and imagine.  Without a doubt, there's a place for you in the nonprofit sector!

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