Sustainability Certificate at SRU

Gain a Competitive Edge in the Business World

This certificate prepares you evaluate society’s interactions with the environment and to find ethical solutions to environmental challenges


Offered by: Geography, Geology, and the Environment

The Certificate in Sustainability prepares you to critically evaluate society's interactions with the environment and to help find ethical and equitable solutions to environmental challenges. This interdisciplinary curriculum, which includes a service/research component, benefits a diverse population of students who otherwise might not be introduced to such concepts through completion of their degree program.

Why Choose Sustainability Certificate?

You should complete the Certificate in Sustainability if you are interested in learning how to find solutions to our environmental problems and how to encourage positive changes within your communities. 

What Will You Learn?

Courses within the Certificate of Sustainability are arranged within the three categories of sustainability, often called the Triple Bottom Line:

  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Social Responsibility
  • Economic Prosperity.

Students will choose courses within each area and through completion will:

  • Recognize how day-to-day activities impact global societies and the natural environment.
  • Understand how to use natural resources efficiently and produce a small ecological footprint.
  • Identify environmental problems and work within a profession or community to find creative and equitable solutions.
  • Understand the energy-environment connection, as well as underlying economic and political considerations, in order to be effective agents of change for practical, long-term sustainability.

Careers In Sustainability

This certificate will make you more competitive in the job market as many businesses and institutions look for ways to save energy and reduce their environmental impacts by shifting to more sustainable practices.

Cost of Attendance